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Here is our top food choices to eat in Boracay.  This is a growing list so stay tune and feel free to share your dining experience.



Half kilo open faced burger with everything on it! With your choice of one FREE topping: blue cheese cream, Swiss and American sliced

located at station 2, D’Mall

Mang Inasal

A popular Filipino fast food restaurant chain with over 400 branches in Philippines. The food is not only super affordable, it is also extremely satisfying. Once you taste the chicken inasal from Mang Inasal, you will never see grilled chicken in the same light again. Masarap!  Their grilled chicken is mostly sought by Koreans and Indian nationals if not all who came in their resto.  You should never missed this!!!

Located at Station 2, D’Mall Plaza


Practical traveler, tight budget, always on the go? Then Andoks fast food resto is just for you! Andoks is a filipino fast food chain located almost everywhere in the country.
Their chicken is one of the tastiest of all their menu topped with their homegrown sauce.

Located at Station 2, D’Mall Plaza

Bamboo Lounge

One of the favorite restaurants you can find in Station 1!  Good Dining food and open bar setup.

Located at Station 1, just beside Bans Beach Boracay

Share us your best place you’ve eaten in Boracay.

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