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Do’s and Dont’s in Boracy

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List of Accredited Resorts to open on October 26 2018

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Bans Beach is now open for booking, OFFICIALLY!

We are now Compliant 2018

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We are now compliant!

Bans beach is now open for booking starting October 26 2018 onwards

BANS Beach is compliant!

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Boracay Fees

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Before you travel to Boracay, it would help to know the fees and costs when arriving that you need to pay for in order to have a smooth and worry-free travel to and from as well as around the island.

Environmental and Terminal Fees

Before you actually step foot on the island of Boracay, there are a few fees that you need to pay first. To get to the island, you will have to pass through the port in Caticlan.

Fees and Costs when arriving at this point are the environmental fee and the terminal fee. Environmental fee is at Php 75 while terminal fee is at Php 100.(as of November 2017)

Students and senior citizens will be charged Php 40 only for the environmental fee while children will be free of charge.

Please take note that you will have to present a valid Identification Card in order to avail of the special rate.

These fees are charged to all tourists traveling to the island of Boracay. Tourists in this regard would also include citizens of the Philippines who are not residents of the island.

If you will be arriving to Kalibo or Caticlan via the airports in these cities, there is also an airport fee of about Php 200. When you leave, you will once again have to pay the terminal fee at the Caticlan port and the airport fee.

Fares and Rentals

Others inclusions in fees and costs when arriving to Boracay are basically the costs to get around the island.

First off, your boat ride going to Boracay will cost about Php 25 per head but becomes P 30.00 during night. Once you arrive at the Boracay port which is in Cagban, your most affordable option to get to your hotel is riding a tricycle or an e-Tricycle.

Tricycle rides generally cost about Php 20 per person up to about Php 150 to Php 200 if you wish to rent out the tricycle and not wait for other passengers. The cost could go higher if your accommodations are a bit on the farther strip of the island.

Paraw rides, which are the island’s version of outrigger boats cost about Php 500 for one full hour, are the best way to explore the waters of the island. The cost already includes a boat man who will also serve as your guide.

Jet skiing is also popular among tourists in the island and jet skis can be rented out for about Php 600 up to Php 1,000 for a thirty-minute ride; while an hour’s rental costs about Php 1,200 up to Php 2,000.

The fares above are just average ranges and it depends on the season so be sure to include that in your budget when you arrive in Boracay.

Boracay Events and festivals 2017

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Boracay is not just White Beach. There is a thriving Tours and Activities scene with a huge range of things to do.

There are a variety of festivals and events for your enjoyment all year around at Boracay Island. Not surprisingly, most occur during the high season. During the peaks of high season, it’s party time on boracay. So if you want to party and enjoy live music, plan your visit for Christmas and New year, during Holy Week (easter) or during school holidays in May. The many events during high season include the International Beach Volleyball Soccer, Frisbee and Skimboard Tournaments, Bikini and Muscle Man contests and the Paraw Regatta (a race for outtriger sailing boats). Everybody is welcome to join some of these events. The exact dates for many of these events are not decided until several months or weeks before they occur.’

There several seasonal events and festivals in Boracay, so if you’re just planning for a trip, you might check out these dates first:

  1. Ati-atihan Festival (January, 2nd Sunday) – the annual celebration in honor of Santo Niño, boracay’s version of the very famous Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo. The festival presents a picturesque scene as Filipinos, their bodies painted and some playing musical instruments, parade and dance in tribal groups along the White Beach.
  2. Boracay international Funboard Cup (January, 2nd half) – Since 1989, Boracay has been one leg of the Southeast Asia Funboard Cup for windsurfing enthusiasts. Held in waters off Bulabog, on the eastern side of the island.
  3. Yapak Fiesta (February 10 to 11) – At Barangay Yapak, the first of the yearly fiestas held in each of Boracay’s three Barangays.
  4. Malay Municipal Fiesta (April 30 to May 1) – A town fiesta at its best.
  5. International Beach Volleyball Tournament (May, 1st or 2nd weekend) Every year, Boracay is hosting the International Beach Volleyball Tournament. In 2005, 72 teams from 44 colleges and universities in the Philippines competed in the inter-collegiate tournament.
  6. Dragon Boat Race (May, 1st half)
  7. Parochial Fiesta (May 18 to 19) – for the Holy Rosary Parish, which encompasses the entire Boracay Island.
  8. Manoc-Manoc Fiesta (May 24-25) – another Barangay Fiesta
  9. Balabag Fiesta (December 28-29) – Fiesta at Barangay Balabag
  10. New Year’s Eve (December 31) – Fireworks along White Beach and many other events, including sandcastle building contests.
  11. Cockfights – every Sunday – at the Gallera de Boracay Cockpit near D’Mall between the White Beach path and the main road.

Best places to eat in Boracay

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Here is our top food choices to eat in Boracay.  This is a growing list so stay tune and feel free to share your dining experience.



Half kilo open faced burger with everything on it! With your choice of one FREE topping: blue cheese cream, Swiss and American sliced

located at station 2, D’Mall

Mang Inasal

A popular Filipino fast food restaurant chain with over 400 branches in Philippines. The food is not only super affordable, it is also extremely satisfying. Once you taste the chicken inasal from Mang Inasal, you will never see grilled chicken in the same light again. Masarap!  Their grilled chicken is mostly sought by Koreans and Indian nationals if not all who came in their resto.  You should never missed this!!!

Located at Station 2, D’Mall Plaza


Practical traveler, tight budget, always on the go? Then Andoks fast food resto is just for you! Andoks is a filipino fast food chain located almost everywhere in the country.
Their chicken is one of the tastiest of all their menu topped with their homegrown sauce.

Located at Station 2, D’Mall Plaza

Bamboo Lounge

One of the favorite restaurants you can find in Station 1!  Good Dining food and open bar setup.

Located at Station 1, just beside Bans Beach Boracay

Share us your best place you’ve eaten in Boracay.

What is LaBoracay?

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LaBoracay is actually a summer party Event celebrated in the island. An event that is becoming a cultural celebration of the place where famous local and international artists flock what is dubbed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If there are three things that capsulize the event, these are crazy beach party, overflowing of beers, and great music. May 1  2017 falls on a Monday, so we can expect a more crowded Boracay this year due to a long weekend holiday from April 28th to May 1 coz of ASEAN event hosted by the Philippines this year.

As the summer epic venue, LaBoracay is now dubbed as the Philippines’ spring break with thousands of families, students, professionals, models, celebrities, athletes joining in and partying throughout the weekend. Indeed, major sponsors like smart, Globe, PLDT and many more are creating fun stuff event concerts throughout the beachfront line of Boracay. Parties happen from sunrise to sundown, making Boracay an island that never sleeps. It’s a place where each hour of the day is a happy hour. You eat, party, sleep, wake up, eat, party and sleep. Some even skip the sleep part. That’s the #LaBoracay culture.

A Tour inside Bans Beach Resort

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Welcome to Bans Beach Resort Video tour courtesy of

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