More Revenue for you!

  • As a travel agency, you’ll be able to offer more premium destination to your customer at the best rate.
  • You can arrange group bookings such as large family groups of 10, corporate bookings, wedding groups and avail of special booking discount arrangements directly with us.
  • Earn commissions ranging from 5{e2afbb6f7d15a06e28a7c1128decc0e85d4aede81c0f40bae824e82dcc7432ec} to 20{e2afbb6f7d15a06e28a7c1128decc0e85d4aede81c0f40bae824e82dcc7432ec} depending on volume and accreditation level.
  • Get first hand promotion package before it gets public
  • Faster booking confirmation and room availability checking
  • Direct support
  • If you need other technical assistance such as lifting up your own website, getting your own booking system and payment processing, we can refer to our IT partner.



    Connecting our traveler’s to their dream vacation has been our passion.
    Sign up here and be one of our premium affiliate agencies for local or abroad.

    Requirements to become an affiliate:

    1. DTI or SEC
    2. Form 2307 (BIR)
    3. Mayor’s Permit
    4. DOT Travel Agency Licensed permit
    5. Completed Form on the left